Ekonomi Mikro, Dasar-Dasar Teori

Ekonomi Mikro-full.

Book Title : Ekonomi Mikro, Dasar-Dasar Teori

Author : Mohammad Khusaini

Publisher : Universitas Brawijaya Press

Edition : I, September 2013

Thickness : 137 pages

ISBN : 978-602-203-505-3

Price : Rp 58.700



Discussion about economy will always be inherent in human life, because human beings can not be separated from economic activities throughout their life. The limited resources but are not limited human needs, be the reason of economics presence to overcome it all. Economics, according to Alfred Marshall, a British economist, is a study of mankind in everyday life. Referring to the meaning of the word “economy” which was derived from Greek word meaning those who manage households. Economy stressed out at the issue of utilization of scarce resources to satisfy unlimited human needs.

Economics divided into two types, microeconomics and macroeconomics. Macroeconomic sees economic life as a whole   system, while microeconomic views economy as part of the system (page 2). Economic units learned in microeconomics include the following interaction in the market for goods, the seller and buyer behavior, and interaction of production factors in the market. Through this book, the author, Mohammad Khusaini, who is also lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business UB, invite the reader to understand the concepts and theories relating to the micro economy, almost as a whole.

Readers can find about the supply and demand equilibrium and elasticity in the early chapters of this book. It contains  concepts of individual demand and market demand, changes in demand, exceptions to the law of supply demand, changes in supply, market equilibrium, market failure, government intervention, etc. In the middle chapters, the author describes the concept of consumer behavior theory, production theory, and the theory of production costs. While in the later chapters, can be found discussion about maximizing profits and marginal costs and other forms of market.

With such broad discussion, the authors hope this book can be useful and contribute to the development of science that focuses on the development of economic science for the sake of better economic development in the future. This book deserves to be read by anyone, either students or educators economics and the general public who are interested in studying microeconomics. Graphics supplementary explanation on every discussion in this book presented complete and very helpful reader to achieve maximum understanding. In addition, the author gives a summary of the material at the end of each chapter so readers can more or less absorb the essence contained in each chapter (je).


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