Management Review

As a work unit support academic units UB (UKPPA-UB) which rests on the quality management system (QMS) ISO 9001: 2008, the UB Press always carry out a review of management of each end of the year, this was done as a performance evaluation for one year in order to achieve quality compliance in accordance with the standards (expectations).

In cycle 4, the value obtained by UB Press to compliance scope of AIM is still low when compared with other work units in UB. But by continuing to reform the organization and follow up the findings of the AIM cycle 4, then the scope of the compliance value AIM cycle 5 UB Press has improved. So now the value of UB Press does not compete with other work units in UB, the data attached.

On October 17, 2013 and, UB Press has undergone AIM (Internal Quality Audit) of PJM. Broadly speaking, UB Press has managed to follow up the findings of the AIM cycles ago and there is a new minor findings that need to be followed up as well. In addition audited by the internal auditors AIM, UB Press also been audited by the external auditors, the assessor team LRQA in 2012, so that UB Press managed to get the certificate of ISO 9001: 2008, and is likely to be audited again by the end of 2014, this as evidence that UB Press must be able to maintain a quality management standard that has been built over the years in order to realize its vision as the first and largest electronic publisher in Indonesia.

It has been done in 2013 related to improving the system / process is done the measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction perceptions, including follow-up on the results of the evaluation of customer satisfaction. The results of the measurement of customer satisfaction is considered quite satisfactory, which is located at number 63 (value B). Which means that the customer is satisfied with the service provided by the system UB Press.

On the part of administration and finance, UB Press continue to improve the program priority in 2014 is the documentation system, independent financial management system, and the tariff system. While on the distribution, sale, and the stock system is also a major focus of marketing UB Press. For distribution and sales for the year 2013 did not experience significant problems, as evidenced by the increased turnover of UB Press.

In the field of business development, training and strengthening brand image and brand awareness continues to be done by a team of UB Press. Likewise, the customer feedback, because customer satisfaction is a top priority in an organization. And in the field of digitizing book also continues to increase, it is done to catch up that occurs during this time, is expected by the many books that have been converted into digital form (e-book), then the process is expected to be more rapid dissemination of knowledge for using the webpage / website , and this will also affect the performance of parts distribution and marketing of UB press.

And the latter as the heart of business process activities in UB Press, field editors also continued to improve its performance, because all processes started precast to print centered here, and to support the printing needs, especially dummy book, then UB Press has filed a petition to the digital printing machine UB. Finally, all hope with the additional facilities and infrastructure, the quality and performance of UB Press will continue to rise.