Some things have been done UB Press has helped the university become Indonesia’s leading universities.

Some of the programs and activities that boasts among other:

  1. Became one of declarator of Asosiasi Penerbit Perguruan Tinggi se-Indonesia(APPTI) in 2011.
  2. Until the February of 2017, UB Press published 549 books since 2009, both fiction and non fictional books.
  3. In year 2012, UB Press worked with ISCA international, Le Havre University, and Afrique Challenge in publishing “Toward A Sustainable Ecology 55 Years After The Bandung Asian Africa Conference 1955”. The distribution of this book also has reached the international market.
  4. Actively participate in the exhibition – an exhibition of books both at the university level, regional, national, and international. UB Press also routine to follow the international exhibition at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
  5. In the field of marketing, UB Press managed to establish cooperation with major bookstores in Indonesia (Scholastic Distribution Center, TB togamas, Airlangga TB, TB Students, Sagung Seto, publishers and other campus network).
  6. Being a strong supporter of read and write movement in Indonesia.