Human Resource

Human resources within an organization is a very important determinant of the effectiveness of ongoing activities within the organization. The success and performance of a person in a line of work is determined by the level of competence, professionalism and commitment to the field of work is practiced. An organization is required to improve the quality of human resources available. Therefore, the Chairman of UB Press as the supreme leader of the work unit will always ensure that the competence and experience required in accordance with the standards of effective organizational performance.

To meet the demands of the responsibilities as defined by the organization, the UB Press:

  1. Placing personnel in accordance with its competence in the relevant field so that the quality of products is guaranteed services.
  2. Educate human resources in advanced levels of study relevant to the regeneration process in a professional manner.
  3. Conducting training for new members and mentoring for beginners.
  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of the process, performance and actions taken.
  5. Ensuring the involvement and concern for each personnel to their contributions in the business achievement of quality objectives.
  6. Maintaining records in accordance with the training and work experience.

Here is a current UB Press personnel in accordance with SK Rektor No 462/SK/2013.

prof-dr-trinil-susilawat Director Of UB Press
SK Rektor No.294 Tahun 2016
Prof. Dr. Trinil Susilawati, MS.
44b32ca7-6884-47ab-82b2-edf710f150d5 Vice Director Of UB Press
SK Rektor No.1139 Tahun 2018
Ir. Unggul Wibawa, M.Sc.
mb lusi Head of Editorial
Lusvita Anggraini, S.Kom
pak ali Publishing Staff
Ali Manshur, S.Sos
Head of Editorial Assistance
Ismiatun, S.AP, M.AP
op Publishing Staff
Pipit Tunjungsari, S.Kom
e30d8314-b1ae-45e8-bd76-407d14b93a30 Publishing Staff
Sekaring Tyas Widyardini, S.T.
16-07-23-16-58-11-548_deco Marketing Staff
Ayu Azmi Muffiddah, S.I.Kom
e2ebd233-911e-4a7c-81b4-15be48e0c828 Publishing Staff
Wendi Wiranata, A.Md
mas cip Marketing Staff
index Head of Administration & Finance
Dyah Eriesa Mutya, S.E.
09e29577-abbc-44d0-ad8e-9bf8013f4214 Head of Administration & Finance Assistance
Citrawati Fitri Kartika, S.AP
mb wulan Administration & Finance Staff
Kristie Wulan, S.AB
 WhatsApp Image 2016-12-29 at 16.21.07 Administration &amp Finance Staff
mb-bintang Head Of Marketing
Bintang Hestika Lia, S.E.
mb nia Head Of Marketing Assistance
Siti Aniya, S.AB.
mas heri Marketing Staff
Heri Irawan