Modernization challenges that require mankind today to continue to innovate and improvise in accordance with the development of information technology. The information age has brought a social community called information society ( Information Society ). The existence of science and information technology is a very important in supporting the activities of community life itself. The development of technology and science that has implications for the convergence of both the form of the industrial revolution. This convergence is simply the union of the three functions of the telecommunication technology ( information transferring ), medium ( information broadcasting ), and informatics ( information processing ), into a system of integrated information and communications systems or abbreviated telematics. Within the framework to respond and welcome trend digitalization era that has penetrated in various fields, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) through the Rector’s Decree with SK. No. 038 / SK / 2009 make UB Press (UB Press) with the main focus on the work program of e-book publishing, conventional books and citations.

Based on that UB Press resurrected and revived after the previous “suspended animation” of the performance and the new spirit as its mission. As part of implementing academic support unit (UKPPA) UB Press declared vision and mission to make himself as Publisher Electronic First and Largest Indonesian . Improved performance capacity of UB Press to realize the development of e-books and websites citation UB Press is well-founded. Because, UB Press has assets ± 1,400 doctors and professors, 2,500 potential young authors, 60,000 readers in the academic society and networking between PTN / PTS in Indonesia as well as with foreign universities abroad. This is one reason UB program towards an international standard university World Class University (WCU). This is where the role of the institute is urgently needed to accelerate the realization of the vision and mission of the UB. In the end, in accordance with the needs and demands of the times, the result of creativity, initiative and the work of UB academic society that need to be improved from the conventional form of publications into electronic publication (e-book) so that, more widely accessible by the authors, researchers penstudi , and the general public from all over the country in the world.