Author-funded Publishing

Author-funded publishing is available for everyone, inside and outside of Brawijaya University’s academic community. All the publishing’s cost is funded by author.


  1. Book draft 100% complete and properly bounded (template).
  2. Provides author’s admission letter (signed and stamped on Rp. 6.000,- materai) (download).
  3. Provide letter of plagiarism.

Requirements may be submitted to UB Press Office, Gedung Inbis 3rd floor, Jalan Veteran 10-11 Malang.


  • Paper size: Width 15,5 cm, Height 23,5 cm.
  • Margin: Top 2 cm, Inside 2,5 cm, Bottom 2 cm, Outside 2 cm.
  • Pages: Mirror margins.
  • Font: Cambria, size 11 pt, space multiple 1,2 pt.
  • Book structure: preface, table of contents, book contents, bibliography, glossary, index (preferable).
  • Image/illustration/table size to be adjusted with the consideration of text readability.
  • Page counts minimum 100 on printed material (main contents only, table of contents, references, and appendixes are not included).
  • Any object/picture preferably grouped.
  • Equation and/or formulation should be using equation.

Alur Penerbitan Jalur Mandiri