UB Press Held UB Digital Book Class 2015

Digital Book Class Poster

Digital Book Class Poster

In a series of events Festival Saya Suka Baca UB 2015, UB Press held a Digital Book Class 2015 in the Laboratory I Puskom, Rectorat Building, 2nd Floor, on Thursday (26/03/2015). UB Press, which is the first and largest electronic publisher in Indonesia, not only producing conventional books but also produces books in e-book format to expand public access of UB Press readers. Therefore, as part of a social responsibility to educate people of e-book, UB Press conduct this training event.

Digital Book Class aims to introduce and provide insight to participants on how to make e-book. This training classes lasted for approximately two hours and instructed by Digital Development Division Team of UB Press, Pipit Tunjungsari and Sekaring Tyas Widyardini. E-book training that has been first and the only one in UB is targeting the participants from the lecturers, students, and employees of UB. Participants in this UB Digital Book Class consists of students, lecturers, and staff from various faculties in UB, such as FILKOM, FT, FTP, FH, etc. “If it personally, I want to be able to make the e-book, it also demands also to be able to convey about e-book to the students,” said Endra Yuafanedi, one participant who is a lecturer in Industrial Engineering FT-UB, when asked the reason why following this training course.

The material described in the Digital Book Class, include the e-book history, the types of e-books, the characteristics of e-books, and e-book creation process. The participants also made a practice of e-book directly led by the UB Press digital conversion team. The response of this event is fairly good, carrying a quota of 20 participants that have been filled in a few days after registration opened. Quota of participants is limited to 20 people in order to gain the effectiveness of training. In the future, UB Press will conduct this kind of e-book training periodically (aje).

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