UB Press Held Writing Seminar Entitled “Brawijaya Menulis”


Figure 1. Atmosphere Book Writing Seminar “UB Writing” in Conference Room Building A UB Animal Medicine Program

                UB Press held a writing seminar titled “Brawijaya Menulis” in Conference Room 2nd floor of Building A UB Veterinary Medicine Program, on Thursday (10.30.14). The event was attended by 33 participants consisting of faculty, staff, students of Veterinary Medicine and the general public. The event was opened by the Head of Veterinary Medicine – Dr. Supreme Pramana Warih Mahendra, M.Sc. This presents three resource persons experienced writing and reviewing books, namely Prof. Dr dr. Edi Widjajanto, MS.Sp.PK. (K), Prof. Dr DVM. Pratiwi Trisunuwati, MS, and Sentot Prihandajani Sigito, SH.M.Hum. All three review material about the type and characteristics of books, tips writing a book, and tips to write fiction.

The intent and purpose of this event is to foster the spirit of writing a book for the academicians UB in general, and among academics of Veterinary Medicine program in particular. The event was held at the same time to recruit new texts in the field of Veterinary Medicine which no one has ever published in UB Press. “The event is intended to accommodate the authors derived from the Program of Veterinary Medicine, good faculty, staff or students. Given all this time we’ve never received a text from here. It would be very bad if the opportunity to write this book was not realized, because UB Press provides facilities that benefit the author, “said Chairman of the Steering Committee, Hestika Star Lia, SE.

Training seminars or writing a book is a routine agenda UB Press held alternately in the entire faculty or course of study in UB. UB Press itself gives a lot of convenience for writers who want to publish his book, including the form of the design, layout, printing, and marketing, all of which are covered by the book UB Press. Authors who put his manuscript in a competitive pathway can also get incentives if successful book published (ajemi).

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