UB Press and Perpusnas RI Held Socialization about UU no.4 tahun 1990


Figure 1. Deputy of Library Material RI, Dra.  Welmin Ariningsih, M.Lib, was giving an explanation of Law No. 4 of 1990

UB Press in cooperation with the National Library of Indonesia (Perpustakaan Nasional-Perpusnas) held socialization Act (Act) No. 4 of the 1990 deposit printed and recorded work, on the 8th floor of UB Rectorate building on Monday (11.24.14 ). The event was opened by Vice Rector, Prof. Dr Bambang Suharto was attended by representatives of the Association of Universities Indonesian Publishers (APPTI) in East Java, Malang city library, central library UB and publishing institutions of faculties in UB.


Figure 2. Participants Socialization of Law No. 4 of 1990

“Following Rector Decree where each lecturer should publish his own book, which is air-ISBN, the commercial nature and to faculty get credit score so the need for us to inform you because now in Indonesia each university has its own university pressnya incorporated in APPTI. Therefore Perpusnas to socialize, not just to the commercial publisher but also a publisher that is in college, “said Dra. Welmin Ariningsih, M.Lib who is Deputy of Library Material RI.

Act No. 4 of 1990 itself states that given the important role of works printed and recorded as supporting the development of education, research, science and technology development and dissemination of information; it needs to be implemented for the preservation of printed works construction and the recorded works by obliging to each publisher and recording to submit several pieces of paper and printing paper in order of recording is stored in the National Library and Regional Library, so it can be best utilized by the community. Act No. 4 of 1990 was prepared in an effort to collect, preserve and realize the collection of printed and recorded nationally (ajm).

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