UB Press Held Reviewer Meeting 2014

The atmosphere of dialogue in the Gathering Event Reviewers UB Press 2014 Apple Space, UB Hotel, Tuesday (14/10)

UB Press UB held the Gathering Reviewers Press on Tuesday (14/10) at the Apple UB Hotel, Brawijaya University entitled “Building an Effective System Review and Dignity”. Gathering this reviewer aims to accommodate the aspirations and share the experience of the reviewer who has been reviewing the manuscript in UB Press. “This event is a shared experience among the reviewers let no solution of the constraints faced and to improve together and to improve the skills together,” said Chairman of the UB Press Dr. Jazim Hamidi, SH., MH. In his speech.

The event was attended by the Chief Executive Editor UB Press, Prof. Dr dr. Edi Widjajanto, Sp.PK (K), MS., And a reviewer of representatives from all faculties in UB. Designated as a speaker is Prof. Dr Thohir Luth, S.H., M.H. and Dr. rer. nat. Abdur Rouf. The results of this meeting is the discovery of several points related to anything just faced and experienced by the reviewer in the field, such as: incentives reviewer that it is still quite low, there is no communication between the author and the reviewer (close review), and confused by the reviewer orientation towards publications UB Press.

Reviewers also provide advice to progress in the future UB Press, among others: applied to an open review system where authors and reviewers know each other; been reviewed manuscript to be published so that the reviewer reviewed the work was not in vain; systematic aspects of writing and relevance of the chapter in the book should be given a rating system for these two points because these aspects have no points; add substance sharpness aspect screenwriting book appraisal system; script to go through the initial screening first through plagiarism before being given to the reviewer, as long as it is found there is a 35% trend of plagiarism by the author; find a reference to the proposed regulations related to the Rector of UB Press policy that will guide the UB Press; and UB Press books were distributed in local events / region so that more people know UB Press (jem).

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